The Answers to Apathy is returning to the stage since it's original production in 2015! Rainey Grander has just received news of a life changing event, and when old friendships and new relationships collide in the present day, the course of everyone's fate lies in the hands of confronting their hopes, their fears, their dreams, their secrets, and their ways of coping with their own mortality. This is a beautiful and inspiring story about unique relationships and people navigating their lives after they have all experienced a profound loss, which is also their gain. The play tackles every human emotion, LOVE, RESENTMENT, FORGIVENESS, PASSION, HAPPINESS, AMBITION, and SORROW. This dramatic and sometimes humorous play centers around 6 colorful and well developed characters (Rainey, Lill, Barry, Nana Maize, Shaina, and Samantha) and their lives before and after the incident and how each is adversely effected in different ways while reflecting on their own choices, and how in the end, learning the most important "answer" to their lives of all...

"The Answers to Apathy" was produced for 9 successful and sold out performances August 4th-9th, 2015 at the American Theatre of Actors in New York City AND IT IS NOW RETURNING April 23rd-29th, 2018! Audiences gave the show phenomenal praise for it's depth, plot twists, and spiritual themes.

"This play resembles Beth Henley's extraordinary work in its style and story telling, this playwright is the REAL DEAL." ~Hugh Hayes, Broadway Producer and Tony Winner
"Embrace your past and accept the present or your future may haunt you."
"Superbly written, utterly inspirational, I was entertained and fascinated with the characters the entire show, oh, and the plot twists are SENSATIONAL. A MUST SEE!!!" ~N. Willet

"I cried joyful tears unlike any other play I have ever seen..." ~Natasha G.
"I am in AWE of this play, I have not been able to frankly, stop thinking about it. I wish it great success." ~L Babson

"Extraordinary playwrighting, thought provoking, inspiring, moving. This play was simply beautiful in all senses of the word." ~M.